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2012 Legislative Update ERS Employees Retirement System June 2012

HB255 (Act 2012-302) requires retirement contributions on overtime pay with earnable compensation capped at 120% of base pay for all members of the TRS and ERS.
SB213 (Act 2012-412) requires members of TRS, ERS, and JRF convicted of a felony offense related to their public position to forfeit their right to lifetime retirement benefits.  However, the employee would receive a refund of his or her retirement contributions.  This legislation is not retroactive and does not affect any member that has already been found guilty of an offense.
SB388 (Act 2012-377) creates a Tier 2 Defined Benefit plan for all TRS and ERS members hired on or after January 1, 2013.  New members will pay lower contribution rates, but will not be able to draw a retirement benefit until they reach age 62.  State Police, law enforcement, firefighters, and correctional officers will be able to draw a benefit at age 56.  (Local agencies that did not elect to increase employee contributions will have an increase in employee contributions.)
TIER 2 Retirement Benefits
      Members hired for the first time on or after January 1, 2013:
  • No 25-year retirement benefits Retirement benefits for regular state employees and regular local employees at age 62
  • Benefits for State Police and regular and local Firefighters, Law Enforcement, Correctional Officers (FLC) at age 56
  • Retirement Benefit Factor:
            ERS state employees, local employees, & FLC – 1.65%
            State Police – 2.375%
  • Average Final Salary – the average of the highest five years out of the last ten years
  • Member Contribution Rate:
            Regular State Employee & Local Employee – 6%
            FLC (state and local) – 7:
            State Police – 10%
  • No bonus years for State Police of FLC
  • No Sick Leave Conversion
  • Benefit cap of 80% of Final Average Salary
  • Earnable Compensation shall not exceed 120% of base pay
  • New disability standard for new hired

Alabama News
2018 ALPBA Endorsed Candidates

August 3, 2018

This is a list of all of the endorsed candidates that the ALPBA has endorsed in 2018. We would like to congratulate each of these candidates on their endorsements and we hope to work with them into the future to help make the law enforcement profession better for our members. Please show your support for these candidates at the polls.

Officer Jackie Tucker Recovery Fund

December 30, 2016

Officer Jerry Tucker, a Saraland Alabama police officer was shot while approching a residence to handle a domestic incident.

Alabama PBA Chapter co-sponsors training event

September 30, 2016

The Alabama State Law Enforcement Officer?s Chapter co-sponsored a one-day training event on September 27, 2016. The training event took place in Oxford, AL with the Oxford Police Department. The class was titled ?ISIS and the Emerging Terrorism Threat? and gave officers 8 A.P.O.S.T. credit hours. PBA Recruiters Kris Jarvis and Nick Meadows were also in attendance. They spoke to the class about the benefits of a PBA membership.