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2012 Legislative Update ERS Employees Retirement System June 2012

HB255 (Act 2012-302) requires retirement contributions on overtime pay with earnable compensation capped at 120% of base pay for all members of the TRS and ERS.
SB213 (Act 2012-412) requires members of TRS, ERS, and JRF convicted of a felony offense related to their public position to forfeit their right to lifetime retirement benefits.  However, the employee would receive a refund of his or her retirement contributions.  This legislation is not retroactive and does not affect any member that has already been found guilty of an offense.
SB388 (Act 2012-377) creates a Tier 2 Defined Benefit plan for all TRS and ERS members hired on or after January 1, 2013.  New members will pay lower contribution rates, but will not be able to draw a retirement benefit until they reach age 62.  State Police, law enforcement, firefighters, and correctional officers will be able to draw a benefit at age 56.  (Local agencies that did not elect to increase employee contributions will have an increase in employee contributions.)
TIER 2 Retirement Benefits
      Members hired for the first time on or after January 1, 2013:
  • No 25-year retirement benefits Retirement benefits for regular state employees and regular local employees at age 62
  • Benefits for State Police and regular and local Firefighters, Law Enforcement, Correctional Officers (FLC) at age 56
  • Retirement Benefit Factor:
            ERS state employees, local employees, & FLC – 1.65%
            State Police – 2.375%
  • Average Final Salary – the average of the highest five years out of the last ten years
  • Member Contribution Rate:
            Regular State Employee & Local Employee – 6%
            FLC (state and local) – 7:
            State Police – 10%
  • No bonus years for State Police of FLC
  • No Sick Leave Conversion
  • Benefit cap of 80% of Final Average Salary
  • Earnable Compensation shall not exceed 120% of base pay
  • New disability standard for new hired

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