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2013 Virginia PTSD Seminar Wrap-up

The Police Benevolent Foundation’s first Behind the Badge Seminar for 2013 was held in Hampton, Virginia on January 25, 2013. The seminar was a great success and a great start for a new year. Sergeant Kristine Wright and staff of the Hampton Police Training Division were able to secure the Sandy Bottom Nature Park Center for our day of training. The police training staff and the staff of Sandy Bottom Nature Park saw that all needs of the eighty-five (85) attendees were met.
The seminar attendance was so good because the Police Training Division required attendance of personnel in special assignments and also sent out invitations to surrounding law enforcement agencies. Attendees, both sworn and unsworn came from the following agencies in Virginia: Hampton Police Department, Chesapeake PD, Virginia Beach PD, Newport News PD.
Jim Sewell, Ph.D. and Tim Rutledge, both former law enforcement officers and experts in the area of police stress and police suicides, provided the lecture for the day. Both provided personal examples of law enforcement personnel that exhibited signs of stress and provided ways to recognize stress and effectively deal with it. Both were given very high remarks during the evaluation process. Additionally, when questioned individually, the majority of officers indicated they wanted to see a peer support group that was not affiliated with their agency.
If you are interested in seeing this free training come to your area, contact Terry Nowell at or cell 678 333 4150.

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January 24, 2020

Members of the law enforcement community throughout the South stand united with our fellow officers in Virginia in opposition to Governor Ralph Northam?s gun confiscation scheme.

Poe Earns Support of the Virginia Police Benevolent Association

July 30, 2019

The Northern Chapter of the Virginia Police Benevolent Association (VAPBA) is pleased to announce that Jason Poe (R-WC) has received the endorsement of the VAPBA for election to Warren County Sheriff.