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ARPBA Division Applicant Awarded Police Benevolent Foundation Scholarship

Erin House
As a math major who plans to teach high school, Erin House wants to make as big a difference in her community as her father, Nathan House, did as a law enforcement officer.
“Being a child of a police officer growing up did mean that my dad had to sacrifice some of his time to help the community,” she said. “This, of course, meant late nights working and time missed with his family.
However, it was always very rewarding. It always brought me great pride as I knew my dad was making a difference every time he went out on patrol. He was serving his community and making a true difference in a way that only some jobs can do.”
Her collegiate pursuits included winning a scholarship from Police Benevolent Foundation’s Arkansas Division, partly because she is the child of a law enforcement officer. House said she is proud to be able to relieve some of the financial burden of college from her parents.
“Receiving the PBF scholarship meant that I was able to make my college experience what I wanted it to be,” she said. “It took some of the financial burden off of my family and it allowed me to make a decision for college based on my interest and wants in a college, instead of the financial cost of that college.”
House said the scholarship has also helped her get the best education possible for her particular goals.
“This scholarship helped me in my educational pursuits as it allowed me to choose the college that had the best program for my field of study,” she said. “Through this scholarship, I was able to join the STEM Teach program at the University of Arkansas and I am now receiving a high level education that is turning me into a future teacher.”

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