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Cameron Harrison is the 12K member of the North Carolina Police Benevolent Association

Officer Cameron Harrison recently became the 12,000th member of the North Carolina Police Benevolent Association. 
Officer Harrison was born and raised in Apex, North Carolina. His father, (Robert Harrison) is a dental ceramist and has owned his own business for years. His father is originally from Gaston County. Officer Harrison spent time in Gaston County his entire life, so, the fact that he ended up with the Gaston County Police Department (GCPD) isn't entirely random. 
Officer Harrison’s mother (Harlanette Harrison) was a dental hygienist. She recently retired and currently serves as a citizen volunteer for the Raleigh Police Department and as a Guardian Ad Litem for Wake County.
His sister (Anna Harrison) is a lawyer and practices family law in Raleigh. She used to be a criminal defense attorney, which Officer Harrison states “made for fierce debates at the Thanksgiving table!”
Officer Harrison was very active in Boy Scouts and earned his Eagle Scout in 2006. Harrison states “I cannot say enough how excellent the scouting program is. It gave me direction in my life and I cannot thank the program and the adults who volunteered so many hours for us as children/young men enough. I developed an interest in law enforcement when I was in Boy Scouts.” He worked three summers at Camp Durant Boy Scout as a staff member where he was a merit badge instructor. One of the merit badges he taught was the Law Merit Badge. One of the requirements for Law Merit Badge was to have a police officer come speak to the class about law enforcement. An officer from the Carthage Police Department would come speak to the class each week. From hearing these officers speak, and watching episodes of COPS, it piqued his interest in law enforcement as a career. After that summer was over, he did a ride along with the Cary Police Department when he was still in high school and he states “I have been hooked ever since.”
Officer Harrison went to UNC-Charlotte and majored in Criminal Justice & History. He worked in and did an internship in the public relations/event management side of NASCAR. Officer Harrison states: “While this was neat to meet drivers, celebrities, and experience NASCAR like very few people do, it was not for me. I did a ride along with Gaston County Police for 6 hours one Saturday night while I was interning in NASCAR and had more fun in 6 hours than I did in 3 months in the NASCAR internship. I knew then that law enforcement would be my future.”
Officer Harrison states: “I got into law enforcement because it is exciting and no call is the same. I enjoy being outside and not having to sit behind a desk Monday-Friday 8-5 like the majority of other people. Working with people who will drive into danger and be there with you and for you no matter how bad the call is the best part of the job. Trusting other coworkers with your life on a daily basis is a very unique and bonding experience”
Also, while in college, he did the Gaston County Police Citizens Police Academy which exposed him to the department and the specialized units, etc.  He completed an internship with the Cary Police Department and an internship with Gaston County Police. During this internship with Gaston County Police, several positions opened so he applied and got hired. He has been with the agency since 2014.  He has been on patrol for four years.  He recently became a Field Training Officer. Officer Harrison states: “I enjoy showing new officers how to police and watch them improve as they progress through training. My goal as a training officer, in my opinion, is to produce a capable officer who I would trust to back me up no matter the situation. I'm interested in eventually going into the department's Criminal Investigations Unit (detectives). At GCPD, all patrol officers investigate all of their own property crime, so this has really made me interested in branching out from property crime and investigating more serious crimes. I recently received an award for ‘Outstanding Service Within a Unit’ for my patrol area.”
Officer Harrison says, “I knew I needed to sign up for PBA for a while now. I had looked at the website but kept putting it off for several years until finally last week in Field Training Officer school in Salemburg, Tommy McKoon (NCPBA Recruiter) came to the class and spoke about PBA. Between hearing about other officers who are PBA members and hearing the incidents they have been involved in including but not limited to shootings, critical incidents, lawsuits and potential civil liability I was about to take on as a Field Training Officer...I knew I had to join and so I did.”
During his off time, Officer Harrison enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, going to Sunset Beach, NC, hiking in the NC mountains, and traveling when he is not working as proud law enforcement officer. 
Officer Harrison states “I really appreciate this opportunity and am happy to be with PBA!”


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