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HB 1971 Update - We need your voice!

Sam Keller, ARPBA Executive Director
Sam Keller, ARPBA Executive Director

I'm asking for your help in order for us (SSPBA) to be able to help you.  As you may, we get involved in political action in order to effect positive change through the legislature in Little Rock at the Capitol.
HB1971 passed committee yesterday and will go to the full House floor for a vote on Monday, March 25th. The bill has to have enough votes for it to pass from the House over to the Senate.  Then it has to have enough votes to pass the Senate to get on the Governors' desk to be signed into law.
HB1971 would establish protection (privileged communication) for certified peer counselors and the person seeking counseling.  Below is a link to the Bill if your want to learn more.  If passed, it would be the strongest peer counseling protection law in the nation.
Please call or email your Representative and Senator and tell them you want them to support this bill.
If you have questions, feel free to contact me.
Samuel P. Keller Jr.
Arkansas Division Executive Director
Southern States Police Benevolent Association
1-800-233-3506 ext:464

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