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House Bill 100 in the Ways and Means General Fund Committee

House Bill 100, sponsored by John Rogers, is currently in the Ways and Means General Fund Committee. This bill puts all law enforcement back under the 25-year service retirement plan and is retroactive. Please contact the committee members in the list below and ask them to support the bill and vote the bill out of the committee.

Steve Clouse, District 93
Tel: 334-242-7717

Ken Johnson, District 7
Tel: 334-242-7784

Laura Hall, District 19
Tel: 334-242-7688

Elaine Beech, District 66
Tel: 334-242-7702

Napoleon Bracy, District 98
Tel: 334-242-7756

Victor Gaston, District 100
Tel: 334-242-7664

Lynn Greer, District 2
Tel: 334-242-7576

Mike Holmes, District 31
Tel: 334-242-7215

John F. Knight, District 77
Tel: 334-242-7512

Paul W. Lee, District 86
Tel: 334-242-7675

Mike Millican, District 17
Tel: 334-242-7534

Arnold Mooney, District 43
Tel: 334-242-7600

Chris Sells, District 90
Tel: 334 -242-7600

Pebblin W. Warren, District 82
Tel: 334-242-7734

Rich Wingo, District 62
Tel: 334-242-7600


Alabama News
Matt Dozier Earns PBA Endorsement For House Seat 13

May 17, 2022

The Walker County PBA chapter of the Alabama Police Benevolent Association conducted interviews on April 9th for candidates seeking the PBA endorsement for Alabama House Seat 13.

Pilot Turned Deputy Receives Lifesaving Award

April 20, 2022

Deputy Trent Rowland, a proud member of the PBA and the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office was recognized with a Lifesaver Award in a ceremony honoring employees of the agency in February.