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Judge Dismisses Criminal Charges Against Two Mississippi Members

Two SSPBA members from the Mississippi division obtained a major legal victory on May 20, 2021, in Hinds County Circuit Court when Judge E. Faye Peterson dismissed second degree murder charges against them.  As she read her decision in open court, Judge Peterson directed that verdicts of not guilty be entered in the case of police officers Desmond Barney and Lincoln Lampley.  “There is nothing on its face to show that there was anything illegal about them performing their duty,” Judge Peterson said.
Officer Desmond Barney
Officers Barney and Lampley were indicted in August 2020 in connection with the January 2019 death of a Jackson, Miss. man.  A third PBA member, Anthony Fox, was indicted for the same incident; his trial is scheduled for later this year.  All three officers were working for Jackson P.D. and had encountered the man, George Robinson, while they were searching a Jackson neighborhood in regard to a fatal shooting.  The officers suspected that Robinson was involved in a drug transaction.  They spoke with Robinson and then released him.  Later that night, Robinson was in a hotel room when he had medical issues and EMS was called.  Robinson died that night.
Prosecutors contended that the officers had assaulted and body-slammed Robinson, thereby causing his death.
PBA provided the defense team for all three officers.  That defense team included attorneys Francis Springer, Michael Cory, Paul Luckett and Christian Medina.  Long-time PBA attorney Dale Danks assisted in the case up until the time of trial; Mr. Danks passed away on June 9th.  In addition to the attorneys, PBA authorized the use of multiple expert witnesses.  
At the conclusion of the state’s presentation of its case, the defense team for officers Barney and Lampley filed a motion for a directed verdict as they maintained that the state had not presented sufficient evidence for the case against the officers to proceed.  The judge agreed and dismissed the case against Barney and Lampley.
Attorney Francis Springer said that the physical evidence did not support the state’s contention that Robinson had been body-slammed by the officers.  Attorney Michael Cory stated, “There was no beating.  There was no police brutality.”
Cory went on to say, “The state had used its virtually unlimited resources to try to convict three innocent police officers of murder.  Despite the resources arrayed against the officers, thanks to PBA, the playing field was more than leveled.”
Officer Lampley had previously been placed on desk duty by Jackson P.D. but now expects to return to patrol.  Officer Barney and Officer Fox are now employed by Clinton P.D.  After the dismissal of charges against Barney and Lampley, the mayor of Clinton was quoted by The New York Times as saying the following:  “The City of Clinton is thankful that Officers Desmond Barney and Lincoln Lampley were exonerated today when Judge Faye Peterson entered a directed verdict in their favor.  The City would like to commend Judge Peterson for her integrity and wisdom in these proceedings.”