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MSPBA Legislative Alert 03-08-12

Senate Bill 2380, has passed out of the Senate Committee chaired by Senator Nancy Collins with a recommendation to pass.  It not goes to the full Senate for a vote.  This legislation will remove all state employees including law enforcement and corrections out from under the State Personnel Board, essentially making them “AT WILL” employees with no due process rights and can be terminated with or without cause.  It is not necessary to remove these employees out from under the State Personnel Board, stripping them of “Due Process” in order to have a reduction of employee positions, reorganization of departments or even consolidation of departments. A process for such action is already provided for in the current State Personnel Board Policies. 

House Bill 656 , authored by Representative Mark Baker of Brandon,  Ms. This bill does essentially the same thing as SB-2380, and needs to be opposed.  It has also came out of the House committee recommendation to pass. it will go to a vote of the full House within the next several days.
When every current state law enforcement officer was hired,  it was the State that set forth the employment qualifications as well as the conditions of their employment, which included a condition that the state would afford them “Due Process” . These employees accepted those conditions of employment in good faith. The State should now honor that commitment. Accountability starts at the top and being accountable includes honoring your commitments. There is no doubt that due to financial conditions the jobs of some state employees will be lost regardless of the process used, this is acknowledged. The issue is that the legislature should honor the commitment to these employees and do any needed reductions and reorganizations under the provisions that are already in place and were a condition of employment when they were hired.

Mississippi News
Governor Reeves Has Signed HB-779 Into Law

March 11, 2022

HB-779 extends full in line of duty death benefit of $100,000.00 to include Covid-19.

Police Benevolent Foundation Scholarship Recipient

December 7, 2021

The Police Benevolent Foundation was proud to award a Mississippi Division Scholarship to Sara Grice.

Judge Dismisses Criminal Charges Against Two Mississippi Members

June 17, 2021

Two SSPBA members from the Mississippi division obtained a major legal victory on May 20, 2021, in Hinds County Circuit Court when Judge E. Faye Peterson dismissed second degree murder charges against them.