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MSPBA Legislative Update Senate Bill 2709 is Dead

This bill was introduced by Senator Nancy Collins of Tupelo. The bill was assigned to a committee chaired by her and it died in that very committee a very deserving death. This bill would have had adverse effects on the benefits of current and future retirees as well as the system itself, by essentially turning the system’s board of Trustees over to political appointees. 

Senate Bill 2709

  • It would have frozen the 13th check for a period of three (3) years, tied it to the consumer index and capped it at a maximum of three percent going forward after the 3 year freeze. Any member in state service on or after July 1 2013, would not be able to draw a 13th check until they reach age 62.
  • It would have drastically changed the PERS board of trustees by adding seven (7) new members to be appointed by the Governor and Lt. Governor.

A special thanks to all of you who spoke out in opposition of this bill.

Mississippi News

January 14, 2019

Member also said how much she appreciated PBA and the fact that we follow up with our members about things. She said it is worth paying her monthly membership dues knowing we have her back.