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MSPBA Scholarship Recipient Megan Campbell


By Cindy Baugher


Megan Campbell, recipient of the Police Benevolent Foundation’s scholarship for Mississippi, has quickly become involved with student life at Mississippi State University in her first two years as a MSU Bulldog. She is a proud member of the Famous Maroon Band, playing piccolo as the band performs during football games. She also plays the flute in the Symphonic Band and serves as Freshman Year Navigator in MSU’s mentor program for new freshmen. Tutoring keeps her busy, too, as she volunteers in an organization called ENGin, where she helps Ukrainian students learn to speak English. Being heavily involved in campus life is nothing new for Megan. She was equally active in her high school career at Clinton High School, Mississippi, graduating in May 2022. Megan was involved in First Priority, National Honor Society, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Anchor Club, and Educators Rising. She was also a member of the Clinton High School Band, serving as head drum major and principal flute player and received the John Phillip Sousa Band Award her senior year. She racked up volunteer time in the Crown Club of Clinton, a service club focused on meeting community needs in Clinton and also served as Clinton High School’s Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Ambassador in her sophomore year. 


Megan marching on the field during an MSU football game


Megan was born and raised in Clinton, MS and calls it a wonderful place to live. She says her hometown provided her with a safe environment to live in, great schools, and a supportive community. It’s likely that Clinton’s students will attend school with the same people from kindergarten through high school. Equally likely is seeing “at least three people you know anywhere you go.”


Megan’s dad, Matt Campbell, is a Lieutenant on alpha shift for the Clinton Police Department, patrolling to enforce traffic laws and responding to calls such as crimes against people, traffic collisions, and other citizen complaints. He initially worked as a reserve officer before moving to full time in 2011. Megan says of her dad, “My dad being a police officer brings about different feelings for me. On one hand, it feels good knowing that what he does is important in keeping our community a safe place. On the other hand, with how our world is today, being a police officer (while it is a risky job to begin with) can be a very scary job at times, meaning my dad could go into some very dangerous situations at any time. So, while I know he is protecting our town, I can’t help but also think of what could go wrong at times.” When considering these issues, she is certainly grateful for her father’s membership in the PBA, which provides coverage and benefits to give an officer’s family peace of mind. His membership also made her eligible for this scholarship. She calls the scholarship, “truly a blessing in helping me further my education at MSU.”


Megan and her father, Matt


Megan chose Mississippi State University in large part because of the community feel of the campus. Being a band member was a major factor in her choosing MSU. She mentions the benefits it can bring, such as “continuing to play my instrument, scholarship opportunities, and building community with other students. The band here is incredible and such a rewarding experience. Aside from these, MSU also offers my major and courses I want to study.”


Elementary education with a middle school concentration is the major that Megan has selected. She has been “immensely inspired” by some great teachers during her school career and wants to do the same for her future students. Her aim is to “not only teach, but to foster a love of learning in my students, while motivating them to do the best they can in all they do.” Her hope is to teach second, third, or fourth grade and eventually earn her master’s degree.


Megan with her sister at her high school graduation ceremony


Megan has worked diligently throughout her education, and it is reflected in her favorite quote: “the more you give, the more you get, and the more you get, the more you have to give.” While she’s not sure of its origin, she says the quote “conveys how giving something; your time, your help, your encouragement etc.... always comes full circle, coming back to benefit you. I have never once regretted a time that I have done something to encourage someone or help someone in some way.”


Megan and her dad, Matt Campbell, with her scholarship check on the campus of MSU

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