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Police Benevolent Foundation Scholarship Recipient


Jacob Badcock


As a junior at Eckerd College, Jacob Badcock is pursuing a double major in marine and computer sciences.


Costs are high but Badcock has an ace up his sleeve – his father. As the son of a law enforcement officer, Badcock is eligible to apply for a Police Benevolent Foundation scholarship in his home state of Virginia. When he got the acceptance letter, he was buoyed for his college future.


“When I found out that I received this scholarship I felt honored and reinvigorated for the new coming school year,” he said. “With the scholarship I was able to afford college this year and will have less debt to worry about in the future.”


Badcock said he is proud of his father, to whom he credited with forming his moral foundation. “Having grown up the son of an officer I have been taught to have a strong moral compass that I have been using throughout my life,” he said. “I am proud to be his son and I hope to make him proud in my future endeavors.”

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