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SB 939 is bad legislation that would harm police in Fayetteville

(SB 939, Fayetteville Citizen Review Committee, Introduced by Senator Wesley Meredith and Senator Eric Mansfield)
Appearing as a request from the Fayetteville delegation of locally elected officials as an effort to promote city-police relations, SB 939 is intended to do just the opposite.
PBA has been defending members in Fayetteville through legal and political measures to stop the Fayetteville mayor and certain members of the city council from obstructing Fayetteville police officers in the performance of their duties. The actions by these officials are unprecedented and have received statewide and national attention. Chiefs, sheriffs and other law enforcement groups have joined PBA in opposing the unlawful obstruction of these officials against their own police officers.
SB 939 is the latest attempt by these same officials to obstruct the police for their own distractive political agenda.
SB 939 will be heard in the Senate Local and State Government Committee on Thursday, June 7, 2012, at 11 AM in Room 1027 of the Legislative Building, 106 East Jones Street, Raleigh.
All officers are encouraged to attend to help oppose this bad legislation.
For more information on PBA’s opposition to SB 939, please go to here (Letter 1, Letter 2) to review the letters sent to the Senate Committee members and the bill sponsors.
You, your family and friends need to contact Senator Meredith and Senator Mansfield and let them know that you OPPOSE SB 939.
Senator Wesley Meredith, phone (919) 733-5776; Email:
Senator Eric Mansfield, phone (919)-733-9349; Email:

Sandhills News
Citizen Review Board for Fayetteville's police department delayed

April 29, 2014

Fayetteville's effort to establish a Citizen Review Board for the Police Department will be delayed at least until 2015.

PBA temporarily withdraws consent search litigation

January 7, 2013

The North Carolina Police Benevolent Association and plaintiffs in the existing consent search litigation have decided to temporarily withdraw and voluntarily dismiss without prejudice the existing civil and civil rights action against the City of Fayetteville regarding the City's action in preventing Fayetteville police officers from performing consent searches as a part of their law enforcement duties. A dismissal without prejudice means that the action can be refiled.