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TNPBA Scholarship Recipient Madison Adams


By Cindy Baugher


Madison Adams, recent recipient of the Tennessee division scholarship provided by the Police Benevolent Foundation, is clearly proud of her father, Brandon Adams, and his law enforcement career. It was his career and his membership in the PBA that enabled Madison to apply for and receive this PBF scholarship.  She says, “I have always enjoyed my dad being a police officer. I like that everyone knows him and respects what he does for our community. While being a police officer can be very difficult when having children, he has always put my mom and me first. He has always been there for my tennis matches or my halftime performances just to make an appearance that he is there supporting me while being the protector of my community.” While her dad’s career opened the door for Madison to apply, it was her work ethic, abilities, and involvement that sealed the deal for her to be a scholarship winner. 


Madison Adams as she receives her scholarship check from the PBF


Staying busy was the norm for Madison in high school. She played tennis and was a cheerleader, as well as performing with the marching band. She was also a member of the Beta Club and Key Club, all while maintaining her strong academic record, graduating from Union City High School in 2021. That successful pattern has continued for Madison in college, where she is active in her sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta. She has held two leadership positions, Vice President of Philanthropy and Vice President of Academic Excellence. In addition to her leadership duties and volunteer work with AGD, she also volunteers each year for “Pack the Police Car” sponsored by the police department. This is a charity event where non-perishable food items and toys are collected for people in need. 


Madison chose to continue her education at Austin Peay State University. Its location, two hours away from her hometown of Union City, TN, played a large part in that choice. She thought it would be “far enough away from home, but also close.”  At Austin Peay, she is majoring in K-5 education. With two grandparents who were teachers and an aunt who is currently a 5th grade math teacher, she says education is “in my blood.” Her career goal is to eventually go back to her hometown to teach at the elementary school she formerly attended. She says Union City is “a very small town where everyone knows everyone. Personally, that is my favorite part about it. Whenever you need a helping hand, someone is always there.”  Madison’s dad, Brandon Adams, has worked as a police officer in the town for twenty years.  He is the sergeant for his shift and oversees training within his department. Madison’s mother, Tina Adams, works for Segal, a human resources consulting firm.  


Madison and her father, Brandon Adams


“If you can dream it, you can do it,” a quote by Walt Disney, is a favorite of Madison’s. She says she believes that you can do anything if you set your mind to it. Dovetailing with the spirit of this quote is the influence of Madison’s grandfather. She says the former band teacher and guidance counselor “inspired me to become a teacher and get out of my comfort zone. He has always been there when something is wrong, and I have been too scared to talk to my parents.”  


When considering the impact of this PBF scholarship, Madison says, “This scholarship means so much to me. Without it, I would not be able to go to the college of my dreams. I am paying for my college by myself and with the help of amazing scholarships like this one. Without this scholarship, I would not be able to pursue my dreams of becoming a teacher.” 

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