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TNPBA Scholarship Recipient Mary Hannah Craddock


By Cindy Baugher


“Spread love wherever you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” Mother Teresa’s quote serves as a guiding theme for Mary Hannah Craddock, a recent scholarship award winner for the Tennessee PBA. Mary Hannah hopes to one day become a second-grade teacher and emulate the compassion for others that her favorite leader exhibited. She feels honored to receive the scholarship, made possible by the Police Benevolent Foundation, and says it will “help me go to school to become a wonderful teacher one day, and I could not be more grateful for the opportunity.” 


Southwest Chapter (TNPBA) President Kris Brown presents check to Mary Hannah Craddock.
Also pictured is her dad William Craddock (l) and Germantown PD Deputy Chief Mike Fisher.


Mary Hannah grew up in Bartlett, Tennessee and says her hometown “consisted of family, friends, Elvis, and barbeque, but the most special thing about my hometown is my family. They make Memphis home, and I am thankful for the time and memories we have shared.” As the only child of a teacher-mom and a dad with a twenty-six-year career with the Germantown Police Department, Mary Hannah witnessed firsthand the dedication that the two had for their professions, and most importantly, to her. She says they have been by her side her whole life and helped her to become the woman she is today. Her parents never let her give up and helped her to strive for her aspirations in life. 


Mary Hannah graduated from Saint Benedict at Auburndale High School in May of 2021 with many accomplishments. She was on the varsity tennis team throughout high school and was the captain of the tennis team. She also sang with the choir for three years, was a senior retreat leader and a part of discipleship camp. She was a member of the Best Buddies Club, Students for Life Club, Random Acts of Kindness Club, and St. Jude Club. Saint Mary’s Soup Kitchen was another place she volunteered, while also serving as a member of the West Tennessee Teen Advisory Board which helped homeless communities throughout the city of Memphis. Working was also a priority for her as she put her tennis skills to good use, at Germantown Smashing Aces Tennis Association. Her work at Camp Bow Wow allowed her to earn money and indulge her love for animals. Looking towards her future career, she has also served as a teacher assistant for Memphis Shelby County Schools, and currently is working for Children First Childcare Center.


Mary Hannah with her parents at graduation.


Academic work at The University of Memphis is Mary Hannah’s current focus. She chose to be a Tiger, like her alumni mom, dad, and other family members, to have the nearby support of her friends and family. With her mom’s compassion and love for her students as an example to her, Mary Hannah was inspired to be a teacher as well, hoping to help children in the same way her mom has. Moving to the coast and finding a wonderful school to teach at is a dream of hers, once she’s completed her degree.


Mary Hannah’s greatest influence in her life is her dad. She calls him the strongest person she knows and says that he has taught her how to never let anyone put her down and has helped throughout her life and with her tennis skills. The two have spent hours on the tennis court together and will hopefully spend many more together in the future. Of her father she says, “He is not only my dad, but he is my best friend. I know if there is one person I can always count on in my life, it is my dad.” She calls her dad (and others in law enforcement like him) a hero, for dedicating his life to helping others every day and for putting his life on the line in the process. Mary Hannah’s father, William Craddock, has worn many hats in his career:  patrol officer, detective, SWAT officer, school resource officer, and as an officer with the West Tennessee Drug Task Force. Her dad’s dedication to his profession means a lot to Mary Hannah.


Mary Hannah and her dad celebrate on the tennis court.


As she works hard on earning her teaching certification, Mary Hannah doesn’t have lots of down time, but when she does, you can likely find her playing tennis, spending time with friends and family, or doing something in the outdoors. Traveling is another way she likes to relax when she’s able, and it’s probable that you’ll find her with a book (or three!) in her hand on a beach.

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