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TNPBA Scholarship Recipient Teagan Naillon


By Katharine Jefcoats


As proud as Teagan Naillon is of the duality of law enforcement parents, she seeks a higher calling in her own academics.


She is a student at Lee University in Cleveland, Tenn.


TN division scholarship winner Teagan Naillon


“I am in my second year as a music and worship major,” she said. “I plan on pursuing my calling in fulltime ministry, worship leading and mission. I also plan on working with music business.”


Naillon is a child of Sevier County sheriff’s Detective Sgt. Jennifer Naillon and Sevierville police Sgt. Todd Naillon. Sheriff’s Sgt. Naillon works in the domestic violence unit and is a negotiator for SWAT team. She has 12 years’ experience while Sgt. Todd Naillon has 28 years.


A younger Teagan shown with her mom and siblings


Sgt. Jennifer Naillon said she is proud of her daughter and eager to see where her path takes her.


“I am proud of all my three children, but Teagan has always went to the beat of her own drum,” she said. “She has let God lead her and she has followed her dreams. I can’t wait to see how God leads her. Her dad and I help people here on earth and she is trying to save souls for eternity.”


Teagan Naillon is one of more than two dozen children of law enforcement officers to receive a PBF scholarship to further their education. The officers are all members of a PBA chapter in their respective states. She said she is grateful for the help.


President Gene Sasscer (TNPBA) presents the scholarship check to Teagan Naillon. Also shown are Rodney Burns, left, the Smokey Mountain Chapter Senior VP, and Jennifer and Todd Naillon, right, Teagan’s parents, both of whom are in law enforcement.


“This scholarship shows me that there are people who want to help further my education and I am forever thankful for that,” she said. “It has also shown that this organization cares about the education of law enforcement children.”


Her father spent 30 years in the military before joining law enforcement. He said he is proud of the positive impact he’s made on the lives of people he has encountered.


“Being able to serve and lead others in both the military and law enforcement is something that I am thankful for,” Naillon said. “Seeing people succeed after making a mistake in life, and seeing the development of young officers, when they get it – it’s like you see the light get switched on.”


Their efforts did not go unnoticed by Teagan.


“As a young kid, I didn’t quite understand the reason behind (their sacrifices) but now, as a young adult, I do,” she said. “What I would see as a kid all the time is my parents helping others who couldn’t help themselves.”

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As proud as Teagan Naillon is of the duality of law enforcement parents, she seeks a higher calling in her own academics.

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