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The SSPBA holds 2012 annual board meeting and elects new president

The 2012 SSPBA annual board meeting was held on Friday, June 8, 2012 in McDonough, GA at the Hilton Garden Inn. Each active division within the Southern States PBA was represented at the meeting.  Board members received reports from each PBA department head, discussed policies and elected a new SSPBA Executive Board. 
In 2010 the board voted to separate policy and business to ensure a stable future and until now, the president and CEO were combined into one position. The board of directors decided that it was essential to separate the business side of the association from the policy-making side.  So, the board voted to make the President and CEO positions separate with the president overseeing the policy-making side of the association and the CEO overseeing the business side of the organization.  With this plan now in place, chief executive officer Jack Roberts will continue to have ultimate authority over how the association operates. This change in structure will allow the PBA to continue to grow and maintain its excellent service to its members as the voice of law enforcement officers. 
With the execution of the new structure of the association, the SSPBA would like to congratulate Mississippi PBA division president, Chris Skinner, who was elected as the new Southern States PBA President. Jack Roberts will continue his role as the chief executive officer of the Southern States Police Benevolent Association and the Police Benevolent Foundation overseeing the business aspects and of the association while Chris Skinner oversees the policy making decisions of the board.  
Newly elected SSPBA president Chris Skinner calls his first official PBF board meeting to order
Jack Roberts was recognized for his loyal and dedicated service as long time president of the SSPBA at the meeting.  The Southern States PBA home office building in McDonough, GA was dedicated in his name and will now be known as the Jack L. Roberts Center.  The building faceplate that will be displayed on the building was given to Mr. Roberts by SSPBA founder and Past President, Charlie Maddox.
SSPBA Founder and Past President Charlie Maddox presenting Immediate Past President, Jack Roberts with the building dedication plaque


The new executive board for the Southern States PBA and the Police Benevolent Foundation

Southern States PBA Executive Board members, (L - R) Joe Naia, Chris Skinner, Dave Soderberg, Beth Dyke

Chris Skinner

Dave Soderberg
Sr. Vice President

Beth Dyke
Vice President

Joe Naia

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Thank you so much for your help. I'm so grateful to the PBA. I truly feel like I?m more than just a number. All the time everyone took to make sure that I?m making a decision in my best interest is something special! I am sure glad I stuck with SSPBA. I?ve had such a wonderful experience with a caring staff! I have destroyed my cancellation letter and keeping my membership active. I will always speak highly of SSPBA. It is truly comforting knowing during this stressful time that everyone is so helpful, calm and reassuring!!! Keep up the awesome job!