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The Southern States PBA official stand on gun control in America

Southern States PBA President, Chris Skinner
Southern States PBA President, Chris Skinner

"As president of Southern States PBA, a professional law enforcement association with over 31,000 members from federal, state, county and municipal agencies, I would like to  express our support for the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution and for law abiding citizens to purchase and own firearms.  From hunting to shooting sports, firearms are a part of the American culture that are passed from generation to generation.  Rank and file law enforcement officers realize that gun ownership from law abiding citizens poses no threat to the law enforcement community or to the public. New legislation aimed at reducing or restricting law abiding citizens from purchasing or owning firearms will do nothing to reduce violent crime nor will it stop criminals or those who want to commit evil acts from obtaining weapons.  We, as law enforcement officers, take an oath of office to enforce the laws in our communities and support and defend the Constitution of the United States. We will continue to do so.  It is our hope that our leaders in Washington will look at reasonable measures to help keep guns out of the hands of the criminals and punish those more severely who are violating those laws."
Any media or press related questions or inquiries on this matter should be sent to Tim Reichert, Director of Communications and Public Affairs for the Southern States PBA at

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