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VAPBA Scholarship Recipient Brooke Bruggeman


By Katharine Jefcoats


Growing up the daughter of a law enforcement officer gave Brooke Bruggeman the stability and security most children seek in their home life.


“I love being the daughter of a police officer,” she said. “I always felt protected and that nobody could ever hurt me. I’m very honored to be my father’s daughter. I know he would do anything in this world to keep me safe and happy.”


Brooke and her father, Charles Bruggeman.


Brooke is the youngest of three children of Virginia State Police Senior Special Agent Charles Bruggeman and wife Tina. Her mother works in the office at the school the Bruggeman children attended, St. Michael, the Archangel Catholic Church in Fredericksburg.


Her father, in his third decade of law enforcement, is a member of VAPBA Virginia State Police Chapter. One of the perks is the availability of scholarships to the children of PBA members, funded by the Police Benevolent Foundation. Brooke received one of those scholarships this year.


“In receiving this scholarship, it really helped financially with being able to attend my dream school,” she said. “This scholarship has pushed me to work harder to make my family and the PBF proud.”


Brooke Bruggeman was valedictorian of her senior class.


Brooke is a freshman at East Tennessee State University where she is studying dental hygiene. She plans to become a registered dental hygienist.


Her father said he is happy Brooke is doing well.


“I’m very proud of her accomplishments and choices she has made and I look forward to seeing her do good things,” he said.


He enjoys working in law enforcement because of the variety and the ability to impact others.  He also served in the military and appreciated the structure.


“I enjoy the day-to-day mix of things to do,” said Bruggeman. “I guess if I made a difference in one person’s life, it was all worth it.”


VAPBA State Police Chapter Senior Vice President Derek Young presents a check to Brooke Bruggeman.
Also pictured is her dad, Charles. Brooke is from Fredericksburg, Va., and will be attending 
East Tennessee State University.

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