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VAPBA Scholarship Recipient Delilah Fox


By Katharine Jefcoats


Delilah Fox grew up observing her father serve their community as a member of law enforcement.


The experience sent her down a path to community service, albeit in a different direction.


Delilah and her father, Woodstock, VA police Lt. John Fox.


“Growing up as the daughter of a police officer, I had a unique perspective of many different walks of life,” she said. “This made me aware of the value of serving my community, and while I do not intend on entering law enforcement, I can still benefit those around me by being a reliable healthcare professional.”


Delilah Fox at her high school graduation.


Her father, Woodstock (Va.) police Lt. John Fox, has been in law enforcement 15 years. Prior to becoming a LEO, Lt. Fox worked in the private sector.


“I was in business management,” he said. “I never felt it was rewarding enough. I pursued a career in LE for an opportunity to give back to my community.”


Her father’s membership in VAPBA helped give Fox the eligibility to qualify for a PBF scholarship. She is using those funds to help pay her education costs at James Madison University where she is studying toward a degree as a nurse practitioner.


“Receiving the PBF scholarship means that I have an opportunity to pursue a rewarding career that will help my community,” she said.


Northern Virginia (VAPBA) chapter President Marc Ramey (l) presents a check to Delilah Fox.  Also pictured is her dad, John.


Lt. Fox said he is contented by his own means of service.


“I enjoy the interaction with the community members and the ability to give support and closure when the community falls victim to crime,” he said.

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