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Virginia PBA Member Cleared of Charges


In November 2021, PBA member Jason Sharp of the Petersburg (Va.) Police Department was indicted for assault arising from an on-duty interaction with a convicted felon who had a history of violence and was mentally unstable.  The individual had been reported to be armed and walking the streets.  When Lt. Sharp and his partner encountered the individual, the agitated individual refused to comply, and Lt. Sharp used his Taser on him.


Attorney Doug Ramseur of The Ram Law Firm, PLLC in Richmond, Va. represented Lt. Sharp through PBA.


According to The Richmond Times-Dispatch, Henrico Circuit Court retired Judge James S. Yoffy ruled that Lt Sharp’s use of his Taser was “reasonable and appropriate” under the circumstances.  He found Lt. Sharp not guilty of two misdemeanor assault charges and one count of making false statements in a police report.


Attorney Ramseur submitted the following to PBA.


I want to express on behalf of my client, Jason Sharp, as well as myself and my co-counsel, Emilee Hasbrouck, how invaluable the assistance of the Southern States Police Benevolent Association was.  The support and resources that you allowed us to devote to this case made such an enormous difference.  It was clear from the beginning of the trial that the defense was so much better prepared for the trial.  Frankly, the trial was a lop-sided victory for the defense.  We had more and better expert witnesses than the prosecution, and they made an enormous difference.  The experts that we used were incredible at neutralizing every argument raised by the prosecution. 


We are so appreciative of everyone at SSPBA who helped us achieve this tremendous victory for Jason. He was a 20 year decorated police veteran faced with a dangerous situation. After doing his sworn duty, he was wrongfully prosecuted for his actions.  


It was our honor and privilege to represent him and to vindicate him.  


Thank you again for everything that you and your colleagues do to help prevent these types of injustices from happening in the future.

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Virginia PBA Member Cleared of Charges

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