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2023-24 Georgia Legislative Update

Police Benevolent Association of Georgia

2023-24 Georgia Legislative Update

As of February 5, 2024





HB 130 – Student Loan Repayment for Peace Officers up to $20,000

Georgia General Assembly - HB 130 (

Passed House. Passed Senate by Substitute 01/29/24.

Sponsor: Matthew Gambill

Co-Sponsors: J Collins, Bill Hitchens, Bill Werkheiser, Eddie Lumsden, & Yasmin Neal


HB 446 – Creates Crime of Drive-by Shooting & Drive-by Shooting of a LEO

Georgia General Assembly - HB 446 (

Assigned: House Judiciary Non-Civil. House Recommitted 03/29/23.

Sponsor: Matt Reeves

Co-Sponsors: Deborah Silcox, Scott Hilton, Lauren Daniel, Clint Crowe, & Bill Hitchens


HB 451 – First Responder Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Supplemental Insurance

Georgia General Assembly - HB 451 (

House Public Safety & Homeland Security Favorably Reported by Substitute 01/25/24.

Sponsor: Devan Seabaugh

Co-Sponsors: Greg Kennard, Bill Hitchens, Houston Gaines, Beth Camp, & Derrick McCollum


HB 472 – MCCD and Capitol LEO Allowed to Retire at 55 with Minimum Years of Service

Georgia General Assembly - HB 472 (

Assigned: House Retirement Committee on 02/22/23.

Sponsor: Clint Crowe

Co-Sponsors: Shaw Blackmon, Bill Hitchens, Eddie Lumsden, Alan Powell, & Joseph Gullett


HB 500 – Arson of a Law Enforcement Vehicle

Georgia General Assembly - HB 500 (

Passed House. Assigned: Senate Judiciary Favorably Reported 01/26/24.

Sponsor: Deborah Silcox

Co-Sponsor: Matt Reeves, Scott Hilton, Mike Cheokas, & Lauren Daniel


HB 505 – Felony Riot

Georgia General Assembly - HB 505 (

Passed House. Assigned: Senate Judiciary. Senate Recommitted 03/14/23.

Sponsor: Mike Cheokas

Co-Sponsor: Deborah Silcox, Scott Hilton, & Lauren Daniel


HB 509 – Adds Family Violence as an Element of Burglary in the First Degree

Georgia General Assembly - HB 509 (

Passed House. Assigned: Senate Children & Families. Senate Recommitted 01/08/24.

Sponsor: Mandi Ballinger

Co-Sponsors: Scott Hilton, Matt Reeves, Lauren Daniel, Mike Cheokas, & Darlene Taylor


HB 824 – SLEO Retirement Plan and Drop Program

Georgia General Assembly - HB 824 (

Assignment: House Retirement on 03/29/23.

Sponsor: John Carson

Co-Sponsors: Bill Hitchens, Clint Crowe, Eddie Lumsden, Mike Choakas, & Shaw Blackmon


HB 907 – Revises Motorist Legal Requirements When Encountering a Funeral Procession

Georgia General Assembly - HB 907 (

Assignment: House Motor Vehicles Favorably Reported by Substitute 01/30/24.

Sponsor: Lehman Franklin

Co-Sponsors: Tyler Paul Smith, Danny Mathis, Rick Jasperse, J. Collins, & John Corbett


HB 922 – Criminal Trespass if Enter the Property of Another without Consent

Georgia General Assembly - HB 922 (

Assignment: House Judiciary Non-Civil on 01/22/24.

Sponsor: Ken Vance

Co-Sponsors: Steve Tarvin, Eddie Lumsden, J. Collins, & Bill Hitchens


HB 923 – Creates Special Driver’s License and Vehicle Tag for Certain Disabilities

Georgia General Assembly - HB 923 (

Assignment: House Motor Vehicles on 01/22/24.

Sponsor: Rhonda Taylor

Co-Sponsors: Kimberly Alexander, Dewey McClain, Demetris Douglas, & Gregg Kennard


HB 930 – Prohibits Publishing Booking Photos Until After Conviction

Georgia General Assembly - HB 930 (

Assignment: House Public Safety & Homeland Security on 01/23/24.

Sponsor: Jordon Ridley

Co-Sponsors: Jason Ridley, Matt Reeves, Alan Powell, Mitchell Horner, & Carter Barrett


HB 964 – Mandates Annual Ethics and Inclusivity Training for all First Responders

Georgia General Assembly - HB 964 (

Assignment: House Public Safety & Homeland Security on 01/24/24.

Sponsor: Sandra Scott

Co-Sponsors: Viola Davis & Kim Schofield


HB 973 – Certain Retirement for Long-Term Service LEO & Others to be Tax Exempt

Georgia General Assembly - HB 973 (

Assignment: House Ways & Means on 01/24/24.

Sponsor: Beth Camp

Co-Sponsor: J. Collins, Bill Hitchens, Eddie Lumsden, Stan Gunter, & Derrick McCollum


HB 978 – Permit Bicycles to Treat Stop Signs as Yield

Georgia General Assembly - HB 978 (

Assignment: House Motor Vehicles on 01/24/24.

Sponsor: Todd Jones

Co-Sponsors: John Corbett, Scott Holcomb, & David Huddleston


HB 980 – Employee Empowerment & Transparency Act

Georgia General Assembly - HB 980 (

Assignment: House Industry & Labor on 01/24/24.

Sponsor: Kim Schofield

Co-Sponsors: Doreen Carter, Dewey McClain, Pedro “Pete” Marin, Viola Davis, & Sandra Scott


HB 984 – Insurance Commissioner May Approve Off-Duty Use of Vehicle by Department LEO

Georgia General Assembly - HB 984 (

Assignment: House Insurance on 01/31/24.

Sponsor: Eddie Lumsden

Co-Sponsors: Steve Tarvin, Darlene Taylor, Noel Williams, Jr., & Joseph Gullett


HB 996 – Provides Arrest Powers to Certified Jailers

Georgia General Assembly - HB 996 (

Assignment: House Public Safety & Homeland Security on 01/25/24.

Sponsor: Ken Vance

Co-Sponsor: Joseph Gullett, Alan Powell, Bill Hitchens, & Rob Leverett


HB 1001 – Possession of Driver’s License by Electronic Means

Georgia General Assembly - HB 1001 (

Assignment: House Motor Vehicles on 01/25/24.

Sponsor: Clay Pirkle

Co-Sponsors: John Corbett & J Collins


HB 1018 – Prohibits Financial Institutions from Tracking Firearms Sales

Georgia General Assembly - HB 1018 (

Assignment: House Banks & Banking on 01/26/24.

Sponsor: Jason Ridley

Co-Sponsors: Trey Rhodes, James Burchett, Noel Williams Jr, Jordan Ridley, & Martin Momtahan


HB 1054 – Modifies Options on Refusal to Sign a Citation

Georgia General Assembly - HB 1054 (

Assignment: House Motor Vehicles on 01/30/24.

Sponsor: Yasmin Neal

Co-Sponsors: Bill Hitchens, Ken Vance, Scott Holcomb, & Matt Reeves


HB 1079 – Allows Local Government to Recover Cost of Events not Properly Permitted

Georgia General Assembly - HB 1079 (

Assignment: House Judiciary Non-Civil on 02/01/24.

Sponsor: Jesse Petra

Co-Sponsors: Ron Stephens & Bill Hitchens


HB 1089 – Allows Expanded Jurisdiction for Campus PD and Other Security Personnel

Georgia General Assembly - HB 1089 (

Assignment: House Public Safety & Homeland Security on 02/01/24.

Sponsor: Soo Hong

Co-Sponsors: Mandi Ballinger, Chuck Martin, Bill Hitchins, & Clint Crowe





SB 12 – Dismantling Georgia Street Gangs Act

Georgia General Assembly - SB 12 (

Senate Passed by Substitute. Assigned: House Judiciary Non-Civil on 02/22/23.

Sponsor: John Albers

Co-Sponsors: Randy Robertson, Mike Dugan, Chuck Payne, Brandon Beach, & Russ Goodman


SB 31 – Delinquent District Attorney MUST Reimburse Attorney General for Cost of Prosecution

Georgia General Assembly - SB 31 (

Passed Senate. Assigned: House Judiciary Non-Civil. House Recommitted on 03/29/23.

Sponsor: Brandon Beach

Co-Sponsors: Greg Dolezal, Steve Gooch, Kay Kirkpatrick, Bo Hatchett, & Rick Williams


SB 37 – Sheriff Candidates Required to be POST Certified in Good Standing at Qualification

Georgia General Assembly - SB 37 (

Passed Senate. Assigned: House Re-Committed to Public Safety & Homeland Security on 03/29/23.

Sponsor: Randy Robertson

Co-Sponsors: John Albers, Bo Hatchett, Carden Summers, Kay Kirkpatrick, & Lee Anderson


SB 63 – Setting of Bonds, Schedule of Bails, & Limit Unsecured Judicial Releases

Georgia General Assembly - SB 63 (

Passed Senate. House Passed by Substitute. Conference Committee Report Adopted 02/01/24.

Sponsor: Randy Robertson

Co-Sponsors: Steve Gooch, Matt Brass, Jason Anavitarte, John Kennedy, & Frank Ginn


SB 78 – Impoundment & Seizure of Off-Road Vehicles Fleeing LEO

Georgia General Assembly - SB 78 (

Assigned: Senate Public Safety Passed. Senate Recommitted 01/08/24.

Sponsor: Randy Robertson

Co-Sponsors: John Albers, Brian Strickland, Mike Dugan, & Lee Anderson


SB 110 – Back the Blue Act to Create Supplemental Funds in Support of LEO Pay & Benefits

Georgia General Assembly - SB 110 (

Passed Senate. Assigned: House Insurance Favorably Reported by Substitute. Senate Insisted. House Recommitted 03/29/23. House Insisted 01/08/24. Senate Agreed to Substitute 01/22/24.

Sponsor: Larry Walker III

Co-Sponsors: Steve Gooch, Blake Tillery, Jason Anavitarte, Randy Robertson, Carden Summers, Brandon Beach, Mike Dugan, & Brian Strickland


SB 159 – Possession of Cell Phones Behind Guard Line a Felony

Georgia General Assembly - SB 159 (

Senate Passed & Disagreed to House Substitute. House Insisted.

Sponsor: Randy Robertson

Co-Sponsors: John Albers, Mike Dugan, Kay Kirkpatrick, & Larry Walker III


SB 176 – Sets Criminal & Civil Penalties for Release of Certain Personal Information of LEO & Others

Georgia General Assembly - SB 176 (

Assigned: Senate Government Oversight Favorably Reported by Substitute. Senate Recommitted 01/08/24.

Sponsor: Jason Esteves

Co-Sponsors: Brian Strickland, Gloria Butler, Matt Brass, Elena Parent, John Albers, Harold Jones II, & Sonya Halpern


SB 328 – Modernization of POAB Fund

Georgia General Assembly - SB 328 (

Passed Senate. Assigned: House Retirement 02/01/24.

Sponsor: John Albers

Co-Sponsor: Randy Robertson


SB 329 – POST Accreditation of all Georgia Law Enforcement Agencies

Georgia General Assembly - SB 329 (

Assigned: Senate Public Safety on 03/27/23.

Sponsor: Emanuel Jones

Co-Sponsors: John Albers, Gloria Butler, Elena Parent, Sonya Halpern, Randy Robertson, & Harold Jones


SB 359 – Protecting Georgians Act

Georgia General Assembly - SB 359 (

Assigned: Recommitted to Senate Judiciary on 01/25/24.

Sponsor: John Albers

Co-Sponsors: Steve Gooch, John Kennedy, Randy Robertson, Kay Kirkpatrick, Brandon Beach, Chuck Hufstetler, Max Burns, Chuck Payne, & Ed Harbison


SB 362 – Sets Standards for Recognition of Labor Organizations & Receive Economic Development Funds

Georgia General Assembly - SB 362 (

Assigned: Senate Insurance & Labor Favorably Reported 02/01/24.

Sponsor: Mike Hodges

Co-Sponsors: Shawn Still, Carden Summers, Shelly Echols, Randy Robertson, John Albers, Billy Hickman, Max Burns, Clint Dixon, Ross Goodman, Marty Harbin, Larry Walker III, Steve Gooch, Jason Anavitarte, John Kennedy, Frank Ginn, Greg Dolezal, Ed Setzler, & Bo Hatchett


SB 363 – Establishes GPSTC Law Enforcement Unit

Georgia General Assembly - SB 363 (

Assigned: Senate Public Safety Favorably Reported 01/29/24.

Sponsor: John Albers

Co-Sponsors: Randy Robertson, Jason Anavitarte, Russ Goodman, Carden Summers, John Kennedy, Steve Gooch, Frank Ginn, Max Burns, Greg Dolezal, Brian Strickland, Marty Harbin, Lee Anderson, Bill Cowsert, Sam Watson, Matt Brass, Bo Hatchett, & Brandon Beach


SB 371 – Workers Compensation & Pay Differential for Peace Officers

Georgia General Assembly - SB 371 (

Assigned: Senate Judiciary on 01/23/24.

Sponsor: Brian Strickland

Co-Sponsors: Emanuel Jones, Randy Robertson, Gloria Butler, John Albers, Elena Parent, Harold Jones II, & Steve Gooch


SB 414 – Personal Privacy Protection Act

Georgia General Assembly - SB 414 (

Assigned: Senate Judiciary on 01/30/24.

Sponsor: John Kennedy

Co-Sponsors: Steve Gooch, Randy Robertson, Jason Anavitarte, John Albers, Chuck Payne, Billy Hickman, Max Burns, Ben Watson, Bo Hatchett, Marty Harbin, Shelly Echols, Mike Hodges, Carden Summers, Larry Walker III, Shawn Still, Frank Ginn, & Sam Watson.


SB 415 – Police Registration Oversight for Tracking and Capture Technology (PROTECT) Act

Georgia General Assembly - SB 415 (

Assigned: Senate Judiciary on 01/30/24.

Sponsor: Randy Robertson

Co-Sponsors: Chuck Payne


SB 418 – GA POST Training in Animal Fighting and Recognition of Animal Abuse

Georgia General Assembly - SB 418 (

Assigned: Senate Public Safety on 01/30/24.

Sponsor: Rick Williams

Co-Sponsors: Lee Anderson, John Albers, Randy Robertson, Kim Jackson, Harold Jones II, & John Kennedy


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