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Fairfax County Chapter, active and growing

Joe Woloszyn (center) and Senator  Dave Marsden (right)
Virginia PBA President Joe Woloszyn has come a long way in a short time as a PBA leader. As soon as Woloszyn became a member he began to play an intricate role in the activity and growth of the Fairfax County Chapter and has made it one of the most successful chapters in Virginia this year.
Officer Woloszyn has arranged roll call meetings that allow the PBA to address officers in Fairfax. PBA representatives were able to explain benefits at over thirty-five different roll call meetings. With the dissemination of benefit information and tireless recruiting by Woloszyn, PBA membership in Fairfax County grew from less than fifteen to over two hundred!  
Before becoming VAPBA resident, Woloszyn accepted the position as the chair of the Fairfax County chapter steering Committee.  As chair of the steering committee, Woloszyn took advantage of two opportunities to speak to the county board of supervisors about the PBA and issues important to members in Fairfax County.
Woloszyn also reached out to officers and support personnel at other police departments that are within the county of Fairfax, inviting them to join the Fairfax County Chapter.
Puck winner Kelly Dennis and Joe Woloszyn       
Board volunteer forms were sent out to all Fairfax members, and board members met, electing Joe Woloszyn as chapter president. Thomas Thompson was elected senior vice president, Marta Goodwin was elected vice president, and Gregory Fried was elected secretary.
As newly elected VAPBA President, Joe Woloszyn has taken every opportunity to spread the word about the PBA, to recruit members, and to involve his chapter in fundraising for the PBF.  A raffle for a game hockey puck from the Washington Capitals, autographed by Marcus Johansson, was organized by the Fairfax board members, raising two hundred fifty dollars. The winner of the raffle was Kelly Dennis.
At the 21st Annual Awards for Excellence in Community Service and Public Safety, presented by MADD, Officer Woloszyn was among ten PBA members honored for their DWI enforcement efforts.  The PBA was well represented at the ceremony, providing door prizes for the award winners and setting up an information booth. Woloszyn had the opportunity to meet and talk with State Senator Dave Marsden.

 VAPBA division president, Joe Woloszyn awarding a door prize to state trooper at the MADD awards       
The PBA members recognized for their DWI enforcement records were: Police PFC Ali Sepehri and PFC Jonathan Luety from Fairfax County, MPO Sharon Radfar and MPO Emily Ross from George Mason University Police, Alexandre Bracke a Loudoun County Deputy, Officer James Brann from the City of Manassas Park, and Master Trooper Charles King, Trooper Kevin Warsinsky, and Trooper Daniel Wells from Virginia State Police.
The Fairfax Chapter is well on its way to becoming a driving force, enthusiastically representing their members locally and on a state level.

Fairfax County News
Fairfax County Chapter makes endorsements for Fairfax County Board of Supervisors

August 5, 2015

Recently, political screenings were conducted for the office of Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. The following candidates participated in the screenings, and your PBA board has elected to endorse their campaigns. The election for these offices will be held in November 2015.

Fairfax Chapter of the Virginia Police Benevolent Association held a political screening for candidates running for the office of Fairfax County Sheriff

October 2, 2013

On October 1, 2013 the Fairfax Chapter of the Virginia Police Benevolent Association held a political screening for candidates running for the office of Fairfax County Sheriff. Members of the Fairfax chapter felt it was important to hear from the candidates on issues that will impact our members during the upcoming two years.

The Fairfax County Chapter of the Virginia Police Benevolent Association announces endorsement of Randy Minchew for the Virginia House of Delegates

August 30, 2013

On August 22, 2013, the Fairfax County Chapter of the Virginia Police Benevolent Association held a political screening for those candidates running for Virginia House of Delegates for the 10th district.