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Georgia Legislative Update

The following bills in the Georgia General Assembly have had action taken on them. There are other bills of interest, but no action has been taken in committee yet. The legislature opened on January 11th and as of yesterday has held 12 of 40 legislative days. The legislative session for 2016 will end on day 40 (March 24th). Legislative action will pick up next month. If you want to look at a bill click on the link.


HB 591  Representatives Bill Hitchens and Eddie Lumsden

Proposes to amend OCGA 47-17-44 to raise the dues for POAB members to $30.00 per month and create a new code section OCGA 47-17-62 designating a new 0.25% tax on every motor vehicle insurance policy sold in the state of Georgia go to the POAB Fund.


Tabled by the House Retirement Committee pending identifying another funding source 01-13-16
HB 690   Representative Amy Carter
Proposes to create a new OCGA Section 47-2-226 to allow certain law enforcement officers with the Departments of Public Safety, Natural Resources, Revenue, GBI and DA investigators to buy up to five years of creditable service with ERS at full actuarial cost. These officers had to serve up to five years of service with a local law enforcement agency in Georgia that did not provide any retirement option other than in the POAB.
Favorably reported out of the House Retirement Committee by Substitute 01-28-16.
SB 263   Senators Bruce Thompson, Tyler Harper, Charlie Bethel, Jeff Mullis, and others
Proposes to amend OCGA Title 35 by adding new section 35-1-20 to mandate that law enforcement officers employed by any city, county, and board of education shall upon retirement or disability be entitled to retain their duty weapon and badge.
Passed by the Senate 01-28-16 and transmitted to the House
SB 270   Senators PK Martin, Judson Hill, Tyler Harper, Renee Untermann, and others
Proposes to amend OCGA 16-11-130(c) to extend the exemptions of OCGA 16-11-126 through 16-11-127.2 afforded to Georgia retired law enforcement officers to other similarly retired officers from other jurisdictions now living in Georgia.
Favorably reported out of the Senate Public Safety Committee by Substitute 01-28-16


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