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HB 591 - Peace Officers Annuity and Benefit (POAB) Fund Update

Your Support is Needed for HB 591,
HB 591 was introduced by Representative Bill Hitchens to shore up a stagnant Peace Officers Annuity and Benefit (POAB) Fund. To accomplish this, it would raise member contributions to $30.00 per month and add a 0.25% tax to all motor vehicle insurance premiums in Georgia. It is expected to fund a reasonable increase of the pension benefit for current and future fund members. 
Many cities and counties are getting out of structured retirement systems.  In place of this, many now pay the POAB Fund monthly payments for their officers. This trend is predicted to continue to grow and further challenge the available fund balance. The small amount of money derived from traffic fines (less than 1% of the fine money), which has supported the fund for many decades is not sufficient to support the number of eligible law enforcement officers working today. 
The current monthly maximum POAB benefit comes at age 55 with 30 or more years of service and is $732.30. No matter how many more years you work, you will not draw any more money. For comparison purposes, the Georgia Firefighters Pension Plan pays its members at age 55 and 30 years of service $970.00 per month. A firefighter with 35 years of service would draw $1,058.00 per month. 
HB 591 is now in the House Retirement Committee and must pass out of that committee before it goes any further. It is critical that you contact as many members of this committee and urge them to support HB 591. Follow this link to contact one or more of the House Retirement Committee:
Also please contact your own state representative and ask him or her to support HB 591. Check this link to find your representative and their contact info:

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November 27, 2018

The PBA of Georgia CSRA Chapter along with Recruiting Manager Kris Jarvis and Recruiter Nick Meadows, presented CSRA Chapter Membership Chair Ryan Gregory a plaque in recognition for outstanding membership recruiting on behalf of the CSRA Chapter of the PBA of Georgia. Thank you to Ryan for all your dedication and support!

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March 5, 2018

The Georgia Police Benevolent Association is committed to keeping you informed of legislation that may affect your work-life, pay and benefits.