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North Carolina Division has successful fundraiser for the Police Benevolent Foundation

In February of this year, the North Carolina Police Benevolent Foundation conducted a raffle to raise money for the Police Benevolent Foundation.  Chapter leaders from throughout the state led the efforts to raffle two R. Lee Ermy posters.  Ermy is a retired United States Marine Corps drill instructor and actor who has played parts in numerous films including the critically acclaimed ‘Full Metal Jacket’.  Ermy also serves as a spokesman for Glock and has hosted two successful programs on the History Channel.  Ermy, a supporter of law enforcement, autographed Glock and ‘Full Metal Jacket’ posters for the raffle.  Tickets were raffled for $5 a ticket.   Lou Taylor the President of the Winston-Salem chapter and her members led the charge and sold 120 tickets.   The raffle was a huge success and made over $1900 for the PBF.  NC Highway Chapter President Dave Quigley purchased the winning ticket.  Way to go NC Division!