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Prince William Chapter Update

Prince William PBA Chapter Members,

I would like to bring everyone up to speed with some of the recent and upcoming events in our chapter. 

The response to our chapters endorsement of Carroll Weimer for Circuit Court Judge was well received by our state Senators and Delegates, many of whom sent a thank you letter to the chapter for the information.  The General Assembly has voted to appoint Carroll Weimer to the position of Circuit Court Judge. 

I would like to thank Jim Suttenfield and Sean McGowan for helping coordinate the "Garrity Seminar."  Thanks also to attorneys Jim Lay and Andy Meyer for their insightful presentations.  Members and non members heard the lawyers speak about issues involving Garrity and Miranda and how they impact our law enforcement jobs. I have only heard positive feedback from attendees.  I think everyone took something new away from the seminar.  I encourage members to take advantage of these sessions in the future, they are well worth it.

As of today, membership is at 64.  That's an increase of 8 in one month.  Thanks for your help in spreading the word.

On April 9th, from 1300-1330 hours, I have a meeting with Chief Hudson to discuss the following topics:

  • Alexandria Officer Laboy Raffle - seeking permission to attend roll calls and sell raffle tickets to help a fellow officer  
  • "Garrity Seminar" - share with the Chief about our previous informational seminar
  • Basic Academy Graduation - seek permission to allow recruiter Jim Suttenfield a time slot to speak to new officers  
  • Continue to question the fair use of the department facilities (email, bulletin boards) for other non-profits - by asking for permission (as required)   
With regard to fair and equal treatment from the PWCPD toward the various civic and non-profit organizations, I will continue to take the high road - seeking permission as required rather than just doing what the others do.  The continued denials from the department toward our organization have been, and continue to be documented. Eventually, we will have enough documentation to present a strong case in our discussion on this topic.

On April 9th at 1400 hours, I will attend the BOCS meeting and introduce our chapter to the BOCS in public session.  This will be a quick less than two minute speech - simply an introduction and the beginnings of our communication and a relationship with the supervisors.

What I need:   
  1. One member of the the executive board to attend the meeting with the Chief on April 9, 1300-1330 hours.
  2. As many members from the entire chapter to attend the BOCS at 1400 hours.  I'll try to get a better timeline ASAP.  (*As previously stated, I would like anyone who attends to please wear business casual attire.)
I have not heard back from any of our Stafford members about a meeting location in Stafford for April.  As soon as someone contacts me, I will try to get the April meeting organized quickly.  Reminder - PAC and Fundraising committees have a status update due in April.

I Hope this brings everyone up to date for now.

Prince William Chapter President


Prince William County News
The Hero Workout - Fundraiser for Prince William County Officer fund

March 3, 2016

Please join The Virginia Police Benevolent Association, The Police Benevolent Foundation and Crossfit Woodbridge in honoring fallen Prince William Officer Ashley Guindon and injured Officers Jesse Hempen and David McKeown by participating in the Hero Workout and fundraiser.

The Prince William County Chapter of the Virginia PBA endorses candidates for Commonwealth's Attorney and Board of Supervisors

October 5, 2015

On September 27th, the Prince William County Chapter of the Virginia Police Benevolent Association held a political screening for those candidates running for Commonwealth's Attorney and Board of Supervisors.

The Prince William County Chapter of the PBA Endorses Scott Jacobs

November 12, 2014

The Prince William County Chapter of the Police Benevolent Association is proud to announce their endorsement of Scott Jacobs for Brentsville District County Board of Supervisors. The chapter held its first Board of Supervisors screening and endorsement process on November 8, 2014. Prince William County law enforcement professionals made up the panel that interviewed the candidates. The candidates answered questions about issues important to members of the Prince William County Chapter and were evaluated on their responses.