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SCPBA Scholarship Recipient Margaret Findley


By Katharine Jefcoats


Greenwood sheriff’s Capt. Richard Findley said he is proud to see a lot of himself in his daughter, Margaret “Maggie” Findley.


Maggie and her family, father, Wayne, sister Payton, Maggie, and mom, Patricia.


She is a pre-law student at Darla Moore School of Business at University of South Carolina at Columbia. Her plan is to become a corporate attorney.


“I could not be prouder of the young woman that Maggie has become,” he said. “Not only have I had the pleasure of witnessing her accomplishments, I’ve taken great parental pride in not only that in which I’ve helped, but with the choices she has made on her own. I can see in her the same desire for service to others that led my path. I only hope that I can extend greater opportunities to her to walk a road far greater than mine. I truly look forward to what may come and feel confident that she will bring good to the world in whatever she does.”


Maggie with her athletic awards.  She played varsity football in high school.


Through his position as a law enforcement officer and a member of PBA, his daughter earned a scholarship from Police Benevolent Foundation. Findley is a member of SCPBA’s Piedmont Chapter.


Capt. Findley dipped his toe into law enforcement as an Explorer with Charleston Police Department in 1992 before becoming mandated and donning a police uniform.


“From a young age, I had a calling for service and a desire to serve in a protector role,” he said. “A passion for investigations eventually led to a role in leadership. For the first half of my career, I enjoyed the satisfaction in righting wrongs and helping others. Now, it has developed into my role as teacher and leaving a legacy with those who follow behind me.”


Meanwhile, his daughter was observing from the sidelines in forming her own personality and character.


“Growing up with my dad in law enforcement has truly shaped me to be the woman I am today,” she said. “He has taught me how to respect others, stand up for myself and always strive to push myself in anything I want to do. I am honored to say my father is a police officer and honored to know that I will always have him in my corner no matter what.”


Maggie Findley said she always recognized the sacrifices her dad made to serve and protect the entire community. She’s proud to repay that service by winning the PBF scholarship.


“This award was an honor to receive both for me and my family,” she said. “My father has made a career in law enforcement and works very hard to give me every opportunity he can. Winning this scholarship was a way for me to show him all his hard work has paid off.”


SSPBA Sr. Vice-President Dave Soderberg presents a scholarship check to Maggie Findley.  Also pictured are her parents, Patricia and Wayne Findley, along with Greenwood County Sheriff Dennis Kelly.


Capt. Findley is well-pleased with his influence and positive impact not only on his daughter but on youth in general.


“Several years ago, I had a lengthy conversation with a young man that was living in a troubled household, much like what I had experienced in my youth,” he said. “Through our discussion, I detailed the path that my life had taken, both with family and career. Recently, a new officer with a neighboring department approached me one night and thanked me for that conversation, as he was standing before me with both a new career he was enjoying along with the beginnings of a family of his own.”

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Greenwood sheriff's Capt. Richard Findley said he is proud to see a lot of himself in his daughter, Margaret "Maggie" Findley.

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