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LAPBA Scholarship Recipient Hannah Woodward


By Cindy Baugher


Honor society board member, athlete, FCA leader, salutatorian, and vice president for her graduating class: Hannah Woodward did it all in her four years of high school.  Her accomplishments and hard work resulted in her being named the winner of a PBF scholarship for the Louisiana Division of the PBA.  Hannah graduated from Ouachita Christian School in Monroe, Louisiana in May 2023.  The basketball team was named state runner up, state champ, semifinalist, and quarterfinalist during her time on the team.  Her track team performed well also, earning back-to-back state champ and state runner up titles.  Her senior classmates selected Hannah for the senior superlatives of best personality, friendliest, and most Christ-like. 


Hannah’s high school basketball championship mementos


Hannah sings the praises of growing up in the small town of Monroe/West Monroe, where she’s lived her entire life.  “Everyone knows everybody and there are so many different ways to connect with people.” She says, “I love the closeness and love of this community and will treasure it forever.”


Hannah’s greatest influence growing up was her parents.  She says she could never thank them enough for raising her in a loving Christian home and showing her how to live a life dedicated to the Lord.  Her father, William (Robby) Woodward, is a Master Trooper assigned to patrol at Troop F in Monroe, Louisiana since 1999. It is his membership in the PBA that gave Hannah the opportunity to apply for this scholarship. Hannah describes her dad: “He has worked diligently as a Louisiana State Trooper for over 24 years. His work and dedication to being a police officer is incredibly inspiring to me. I watch him go with little to sometimes no sleep for weeks on end, all while balancing work, family life and events, and church. Every day he works to serve the community and those in need. I see the behind the scenes of what all our law enforcement has to endure because of their jobs, and I have such a great appreciation for all of our law enforcement, first responders, and their families' sacrifice to help keep our community safe and functioning. My dad’s profession is an example to me of how to work hard for others and not yourself, and how to live a life of service to others.”  Hannah’s mom, Sandy Woodward, work is in the front office at Ouachita Christian School as a receptionist.  She has an older brother Benjamin, and two younger sisters, Katee and Gracie Woodward. 


Hannah and her parents before her high school graduation


Hannah is planning to major in communication sciences and disorders with the intention to become a speech pathologist.  She chose this major because of the numerous and varied job opportunities it provides.  Initially, she is hoping to work in the hospital or medical arena, then possibly in the school setting down the line when she may need to balance her work and family life. She’s chosen to attend Harding University for her degree.  Having spent time there when she was younger at various basketball and church camps, as well as cheering on the Bison football team, she said it feels like a “second home”.  But her primary reason for choosing Harding University is because of the “Godly influence and community that it offers.  Harding is a place that has always brought me closer to God and opened many doors for God-centered relationships with so many people.” 


Hannah and her dad at her school’s homecoming


It's no wonder that Hannah says her favorite leader is Jesus Christ.  “He leads me each and every day.  He is the reason I am here today and have the hope that I have. The hope that this world is not my home. Jesus saves me even though I do not deserve it, and I base how I live each and every day off of how He led His life while He was on earth. I look forward to meeting Him face to face in Heaven one day.” 


Of receiving this scholarship, Hannah says she is “overwhelmed with immense gratitude…. paying for college is something I have prayed about and worked towards for years, and I am so thankful to God and the PBF for granting me this great blessing.  I feel so blessed and honored to have been awarded this scholarship, and I just cannot say thank you enough to God or the PBF.”

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LAPBA Scholarship Recipient Hannah Woodward

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Honor society board member, athlete, FCA leader, salutatorian, and vice president for her graduating class: Hannah Woodward did it all in her four years of high school.

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